Karen Kotzen
About Me
Today more than ever you need to have a web presence. When I started my business I didn't have any money for a web designer, a SEO expert (Search Engine Optimization) or a marketing consultant. Due to my "shoestring budget" I researched and found every FREE technology available to market a business. I used these FREE technologies to create my website and promote my business. I now share them with our clients and teach them how to use these digital solutions with confidence to market their business. Love My Web Designs (LMWD) also specializes in creating user-friendly sites, social media pages & email marketing campaigns that can be maintained by the client if they so desire. Would you like to market & brand your business without increasing your budget? Today more than ever you need to have a web presence. I have many options to choose from that will fit every budget. Call Us NOW! I would love the opportunity to help you help yourself. Serving Miami, Hollywood, Miramar, Weston, Coral Springs, Margate, Pompano & Parkland Florida and Nationwide. "Using the power of technology to transform lives and expand opportunities." Unknown Specialties Internet & Mobile Website Design, Microsoft Office Programs, Blogs, Social Media & Newsletter Page Design, Basic Computer Skills Training and Marketing & Branding, small business technology solutions
My Experience
BS in Elementary Ed. - University of Miami Masters in Educational Media - Nova Southeastern University As a retired media specialist with a Masters Degree in Educational Media, I have years of experience researching, working with computer software programs and designing websites.

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