Lief Larson
Client Success
Seattle, WA
About Me
I want to help you find and engage with your web-based prospects as fast as humanly possible.
My Experience
Long time entrepreneur and technologist with a passion for simple solutions that solve large customer problems (pains). I run Client Success here at Engage, Inc. Engage designs real-time sales management technology. Engage provides highly personalized and early customer lifecycle engagement. In short, we help you get to web-based customers sooner and convert more of those customers to leads. If you need help with our solution, it's my job to make sure your experience is awesome. I'm a big fan of new media technology and have been working for the last two decades in product research & development. I'm also an entrepreneur. One of my greatest passions is business. That's the reason I co-founded Engage Inc. I want to help fellow business people to more effectively market themselves on the web through highly personalized, authentic, and real-time engagement with prospects.

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